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“You’re too good for me, you’re too good for anyone.”
Submarine (2011) dir. Richard Ayoade
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this is my favorite thing on earth

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full tank of gas, an entire day to myself. The wind blowing through my hair, ultraviolence on repeat. Driving alone on the open road, taking some well needed time for myself. Leaving everything I know behind me for just a few hours. Alone with my camera, a book and a pen. Let my mind explode on the pages, release thoughts I haven’t told anyone, and set them free. And for a moment, I felt free. (dont delete the caption)
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Good Vibes HERE
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united steaks of america

there has never been a more appropriate day to reblog this

I reblogged this exactly one year ago. how time flies.
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50 years ago today, on february 9, 1964,  the beatles played on the ed sullivan show for the very first time. [they played 5 songs in total. in order: all my loving, till there was you, she loves you, i saw her standing there, and i wanna hold your hand.]

This couple got wedding rings with the waveform of their own voices saying, “I do.”
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